Dental Bonding.

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Are minor chips, stains, or other imperfections keeping you from sharing your smile? Is a gap in your smile making you self-conscious? Dental bonding by Dr. Craig Hinein Bixby, OK, can quickly conceal these imperfections and provide natural-looking results through the application of a tooth-colored resin. Often, patients choose this treatment as a way to decide if they wish to pursue a more permanent enhancement through porcelain veneers. During a consultation, Dr. Hine can take note of your goals to determine if dental bonding is right for you.

Dental Bonding Benefits

Dental bonding can quickly and effectively give your smile symmetry and a healthy appearance.

affordable cosmetic treatment

Many patients who suffer from minor imperfections in their smiles often choose bonding because:
  • It can make short, worn, or inconsistently shaped teeth match surrounding teeth.
  • It is an affordable cosmetic treatment.
  • Treatment can often be performed without any need to remove dental tissue.
  • The resin can be matched to the color of your teeth for a natural appearance.
  • Treatment is reversible. If at some point you wish to remove or replace your bonding, your dentist can easily do so.

The Bonding Procedure

From start to finish, bonding usually involves at least two visits to our office. Many patients choose to undergo teeth whitening before bonding in order to achieve more dramatic results, which could extend the total timeline of treatment. During the first office visit, Dr. Hine will listen as you explain what you wish to improve about your smile. Based on this information, as well as an assessment of the health of your gums and teeth, he can determine if bonding is for you, or if other treatments may be more effective in providing the results you want.

During a second visit, a very mild acidic solution will be applied to the teeth you wish to treat. This will create a slightly rougher surface that will more effectively bond to the resin. Next, Dr. Hine will begin applying layers of dental resin that has been carefully matched to the shade of your teeth. He will trim away excess resin and polish the remaining material to achieve a smooth and natural-looking result. Finally, he can make any adjustments necessary to maintain a balanced and comfortable bite, and perform any alterations necessary to make the final results meet your expectations. Immediately following treatment, you can leave our office with a stunning new smile.

If you feel self-conscious about imperfections in your smile, a dramatic enhancement may be easier and faster than you think.

At-home Maintenance Tips

You can prolong the results of dental bonding by following a few simple tips:
  • Reduce consumption of dark foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, and berries
  • Avoiding biting hard objects, or chewing fingernails, pen caps, or ice
  • Continue undergoing regular six-month checkups with Dr. Hine
  • Contact our office if you notice sharp edges or chips
  • Avoid chewing especially sticky or chewy foods with your treated teeth

Learn More about Dental Bonding

If you feel self-conscious about imperfections in your smile, a dramatic enhancement may be easier and faster than you think. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hine.


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