What’s The Best Dentist For The Family?

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Family Dentistry

We proudly provide dental care for patients of all ages. We are familiar with the unique dental issues that young, adult, and senior patients can all face. Our team is dedicated to providing compassionate, considerate treatment for each patient’s individual needs.

We proudly provide high-quality dental care for patients of all ages. We understand the unique dental issues that children, adults, and seniors may experience, and your dentist focus on family dentistry, helps us maintain a healthy future for your family’s smiles. Family dentistry helps us teach proper oral hygiene habits to our younger patients while educating their parents at the same time.
With our gentle touch, our younger patients learn the importance of routine dentist visits, and can become comfortable in the dentist’s chair. Our family dentistry is preventative in nature, and it revolves around routine checkups, teeth cleanings, and establishing proper oral hygiene habits at home. With family dentistry, you can avoid issues before they occur, saving time and money while preserving your health.

Teaching the Importance of Oral Health

Through family dentistry, your dentist can get to know your family and their unique needs.

We believe teaching children the value of oral health cannot be overstated. Oral health has a direct influence on overall health, and by helping children to establish healthy habits as early as possible, we can help them to experience lifelong benefits:

  • Care, Don’t Share: Avoid sharing utensils with your child—you can transfer cavity-causing germs.
  • Eat Healthy Foods: Fruits, vegetables, and milk are healthy foods that provide vitamins and minerals that make enamel strong.
  • Preserve Your Enamel: Avoid refined sugars, processed foods, and sodas. They often have chemicals which can degrade enamel.
  • First Dental Visit: Dentist recommends that your child’s first dental visit occurs no later than his or her first birthday.
  • Brushing Basics: As soon as teeth erupt through the gumline, children can brush their own teeth. Establish great habits with the 2×2 method— 2 minutes of brushing, 2 times per day. Use fluoridated toothpaste for best results.

Sealants and Fluoride Treatment

To help young patients avoid developing cavities as they learn how to properly brush and floss, we offer sealants and fluoride treatments. By applying fluoride directly to the teeth, we can fortify your little one’s smile against decay. Similarly, we offer dental sealants that cover the chewing surfaces of molars, preventing the development of decay in the pits and grooves.

Standardized Care for Adults
Your dentist can provide all of the necessary dental care for adults. In addition to regular cleanings and checkups, he offers:

  • General dentistry, such as sleep apnea treatment and tooth extractions
  • Cosmetic dentistry, including dental bonding and teeth whitening
  • Restorative dentistry, such as composite fillings and bone grafting

As part of every adult’s biannual exams, your dentist will conduct oral cancer screenings

Services for Seniors

Seniors require special care that accounts for the medications they take, the increased risk of conditions such as dry mouth and gum disease, and other factors. When needed, your dentist can provide restorative care, including custom dentures.

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